Zarnesti City Days- Edelweiss Festival 22-23 of July 2023

We cordially invite you to Zărnești City Days – Edelweiss Festival, XLIII edition!
* July 22-23, 2023

*Location: Center of Zărnești City.

*The event starts on Saturday 22 July 2023, with folk recitals: Hoinarii Pietrei Craiului, Vocelis, Titus Constantin, Mircea Baniciu Trio.

Edelweiss festival- Zarnesti city Days 2023

*Sunday 23 July 2023 the festival continues with numerous folk ensembles from the area: Craișorii Pietrei Craiului Folk Ensemble, Mugurașii Pietrei Craiului Folk Ensemble, Piatra Craiului Folk Ensemble, as well as guests, prominent soloists such as Robert Târnăveanu & Band, Valentin Sanfira, Lavinia Goste & Marius Zorilă and Taraf, Clubul Copiilor Râșnov-Amadeus dance troupe, Iuliana Beregoi, Puya, Raluka and the Balkan Project.

Festival Schedule: ⏰📅 

🔸 Saturday 22 of July 2023
18:00 Maria Denisa Paliciuc
18:15 Hoinarii Craiului
19:15 Vocelis
20:15 Tituș Constantin
21:15 Mircea Baniciu Trio
🔸 Sunday 23 of July 2023
14:00 Ansamblul folcloric “Crăișorii Pietrei Craiului”
14:45 Mițaru
15:00 Ansamblul folcloric “Mugurașii PietreiCraiului
16:00 Robert Târnoveanu & Band
16:45 Ansamblul folcloric “Piatra Craiului”
17:30 Valentin Samfira
18:15 Lavinia Goste & Marius Zorilă și Taraf
19:00 Amadeus
19:30 Iuliana Beregoi
20:30 Puya
21:30 Raluka & Proiectul Balkanic

*We end the celebration with the traditional game of fireworks.
*free entry

You’re welcome! #visitzarnesti

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