Zarnesti City Cup, stage III of the Romanian Children’s Road Cup July 29, 2023

Zărnești City Cup, stage III, of the Romanian Road Cup – Children

*July 29, 2023

*Location: The start and finish will be in front of the Zărnești City Hall – the Historic Center

*Event program:

10:00 – Children 5-6 years old – D2

10:30 – Children 4-8 years old – D1

11:20: Children 9-10 years old/ C

12:10- Children 11-12 years old/ B

13:00- Children 13-14 years old/ A

Amateur children can also participate in this competition, competing separately in age groups! Registration: 

#Decathlon will be alongside the competition with various games: hedgehog darts, badminton, archery, etc.

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